How do you build relationships in your family?

Spending a quiet evening with the family is the activity of choice for many mothers. Traveling comes in at a close second reports Chatterbean's Are You a Slacker Mom quiz.
In a fast paced world is it increasingly hard for parents to find the time to spend with their children. Only 19% of mothers who took a fun and relaxing quiz Are You a Slacker Mom, designed to help parents discover parenting style that fits them, stated that they are not spending their precious time at work. Instead, most mothers are busy balancing their professional and family lives. If that wasn't hard enough, nearly 30% of moms asked make time to take care of a dog in addition to their little angels.

"Don't sweat the small stuff" - says Chatterbean.com Turns out many mothers have found that something as simple as a home movie night can bring the whole family together and relax, without spending tons of time planning a perfect vacation or and extreme adventure getaway.

Nearly one third of moms Chatterbean asked said that watching a movie was their most common family activity. Grabbing the latest or even not-so-new movie at the nearest video rental store, microwaving some popcorn and cuddling up with a blanket large enough to cover every member of the family can make for a great quality time.

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