Kissing Quiz on Finds Majority of People Kiss with Eyes Closed

When kissing your Valentine this year, will you seal the deal with your eyes open or closed? Recent quiz result released by the pop culture gurus at found that nearly 80 percent of people enjoy kissing with their eyes closed. Only 21 percent of's kissing quiz respondents preferred peeking during a romantic kiss.
(PRWeb) February 14, 2007 -- interactive quiz site on pop culture trends--reports that "How Romantic Are You?" quiz respondents enjoy kissing more when their eyes are closed. In anticipation of your Valentine's Day kiss, will your eyes be open or shut?

The Valentine's Day kiss has been hyped up to be one of the most important kisses of the year. One month and 14 days after the all-important New Year's kiss, romantics worldwide look forward to locking lips with their valentine on February 14.

Nearly 80 percent of's kissing quiz respondents answered "true" when posed with "You enjoy kissing more with your eyes closed?" Twenty-one percent of respondents answered "false," hinting at peeking during a romantic kiss.

The "How Romantic Are You?" quiz features a series of questions geared to finding out how romantic you really are; the quiz is based on the work of Drs. Harold K. Fink and E. W. Burgess and other researchers.

"Pink bows, red hearts, candy: these timeless symbols of love remind us that lovers continue to thrive on romance," asserts. "But if romance could be packaged, it would likely bear the Surgeon General's warning, 'This state of mind may be hazardous to your health,' for many an ardent lover is dissolved in the bubbly elixir of unbridled infatuation. Romance is indeed a guiding fiction."

According to Fink and Burgess, who independently studied thousands of couples in love, a relationship requires some romance or else it will dry up. It's a matter of striking a balance between romance and realism that determines whether your love will endure. The kissing quiz helps romantics find that balance.

Valentines, romance and kisses are equally important on February 14; in anticipation of millions of Valentine's Day kisses worldwide the question still remains, will your Valentine's Day end with your eyes open or shut? attracts thousands of users every day to response-driven Web sites that cover trends in personal growth, fashion, food, music, parenting, home ownership, education, and more. Chatterbean and its fun personality quizzes can be found at

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