Over-parenting as a mean of keeping up with the Joneses?

In trying to become high-achieving parents, mothers tend to put too much pressure on themselves according to Chatterbean's Are You a Slacker Mom quiz.
With a generation of very high-achieving women who want to excel at everything they do, parenthood also starts falling in that category and they try too hard. In trying to become high-achieving mothers, they tend to put too much pressure on themselves.

A popular quiz on parenting style (www.areyouaslackermom.com) by Chatterbean showed that more than half the moms had not watched any television show in its entirety and nearly one-third say that they are happy watching a movie as a family activity vs. hiking or traveling.

As means of relaxing after a stressful day, 17% of moms we asked read a book to combat stress, while other preferred having a girls' night out after dealing with diapers, boo-boos and cute overloads.

Not surprisingly, with parenting pressures of today, many mothers feel compelled to compare their parenting styles with those of other moms. Here at Chatterbean, we believe that it does not matter which parenting style loving mothers choose. Whether you are a Bring it On Mom or a Zen Mom, your kisses are equally soothing on the boo-boos.

To find out your parenting style, take the quiz and proudly announce results to the whole world.

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