Work Style: Chatterbean.com Quiz Helps People Match Career with Personality Type

Career experts agree that with today's wide range of career opportunities, young professionals need to understand and embrace their own identities when weighing career options. An engaging new Ph.D.-certified quiz on Chatterbean.com helps people determine their work style in order to make job-related decisions easier and results more satisfying.
(PRWeb) May 25, 2007 -- Career experts from top American colleges and universities agree that personal assessment and understanding is vital for people considering job options. To meet this need, Chatterbean.com, an attractive interactive quiz site on pop culture trends, offers "What's your Work Style?" to help people discover their personal strengths and weaknesses while choosing a professional future.

Chatterbean's "What's your Work Style?" Ph.D., certified quiz centers on the work behavior studies of Professor Michael J. Kirton who found that there are two dominant work style types: adapters and innovators.

"Indeed, both types complement each other and are vital to company growth," according to Chatterbean.com.

The quiz poses questions for people to rate their typical work habits, strengths and weaknesses. The first question, for example, asks quiz-takers if they are "precise and methodical in [their] approach to problems".

Career specialists at the University of Missouri and Stanford University say that a thorough understanding of one's own strengths and weaknesses is imperative to working adults' future success and happiness. Anxiety over job insecurity often encourages people to accept the first position offered. However, unhappiness and stress have been common consequences for those who fail to first measure up a job to fit their personality.

According to the Stanford Career Development Center Web site, "Taking the time to build a foundation of knowledge about yourself and to expand your thinking about options appropriate for you can increase your chances of success enormously."

Chatterbean.com attracts thousands of users every day to response-driven Web sites that cover trends in personal growth, fashion, food, music, parenting, home ownership, education, and more. Chatterbean and its fun personality quizzes can be found at http://www.chatterbean.com.

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